Photo of Willie Liebenberg

"The big problem I have faced is that after 4-5 years I go back to the office and all my year books are very busy, complicated or information may have been thrown away. That is why I really like using fieldmargin - being able to keep everything together and separated by year is really important."

Willie Liebenberg - Mixed farmer, SA

An animation showing different field usages set for different years

Plan your rotations

A visual plan of your past, current and upcoming crops.

  • Plan ahead for your next year's crops and field work by setting your field's cropping for each year
  • Quickly set usages for multiple fields by clicking them on the map or selecting from the field list
  • View past cropping as you plan rotations to help follow your rotation plan

Plan your work

Set up your field operations at your desk or on the go. You or your team can check off fields as they're completed. Automatically updates your reports as work is done.

  1. Add fields to your job, select from the list of your fields or from the map
  2. You can add inputs to your job such as seed, fertilisers, manure or spray. Create your own inputs or use your country's pesticide list
  3. Tag a team member or yourself on the job to assign the work so it appears on their to-do list
A screenshot of the fieldmargin mobile app showing a job for spraying herbicide onto Middle field
A screenshot of the fieldmargin mobile app showing new inputs being added to a fiekld job

Pesticides database

Select spray inputs for Field Jobs from a list of the pesticides available in your farm's country.

  • Quickly search for the pesticide you want to use
  • Automatically provides pesticide unit, registration number, (fungicide, herbicide etc.) and active ingredients
  • Quantity applied per field, job and for the whole farm is automatically recorded for your reporting and audits

Field history

Easily access a record of the work that has been done in your fields from your phone or computer to help with work planning, agronomy decisions and for farm assurance inspections.

  1. A timeline of field work done and field issues at your fingertips
  2. Field input and yield reports with rate and yield totals
  3. Expand input records to find jobs where a particular input was used
A screenshot of the fieldmargin mobile app showing field history and input reporting for a field
A screenshot of the fieldmargin mobile app showing a note being created


Use located notes to record issues such as weeds, pest damage and nutrient deficiencies.

  1. Add notes in the field as you see problems, attach pictures to show what's going on
  2. Record the location using your phone's GPS, add an area by walking around it or drawing on the map
  3. Use comments to discuss with your team or agronomist

Field health

Save time monitoring your fields with Field Health; regularly updated NDVI satellite imagery.

  • Shows variation in vegetation levels/plant growth. New imagery on average weekly, depending on weather
A screenshot of the fieldmargin mobile app showing field health imagery overlaid on the satellite map
A screenshot of the fieldmargin mobile app showing a harvesting field job with yields added for two fields

Record your yields

No need to wait until you get back to the office to record your harvest yields.

  1. Set a harvesting job to record your yields in the field as they happen
  2. Enter field totals and yield per hectare is automatically calculated
  3. Compare total yield per field and crop as a table or chart with yield reporting

Costings and reporting

Take the stress out of audits and reviewing farm performance with reports for crop area, inputs, yield and costs.

  • Keep track of your field or plot input costs during the season with breakdowns of spend per field, farm and by input type
  • Automatically generate Gross Margin reports by adding your sale prices
  • Export any report or all your Field Jobs as a CSV for further analysis
A screenshot of the input cost reporting in the fieldmargin web app

Works with:

  • John Deere Operations Center
  • Rural Payments Agency
  • Natural England
  • Drone Deploy

Used by our farmers for records:

  • Red Tractor
  • Global G.A.P
  • Soil Association
  • OF & G Organic