Plan farm work

Plan and track work in your fields and around your farm. Spend less time checking work progress and typing up job sheets and more getting on with farming.

"With Field Jobs I can keep track of everything that needs to be applied like fertiliser and herbicide use. I can quickly see when the farm manager completed the tasks as he gets things done. Even if I'm 200 kilometres away, I can load tasks and keep an eye on progress."Charl Botha - Livestock farmer, South Africa
Screenshot of planning on a mobile device in fieldmargin

Plan and track your field work

  • Plan key field operations such as seeding, fertilising, spraying or harvesting
  • Add multiple fields to a job for faster set up
  • See where the work is on the map
  • Tag who needs to do the work
  • Add due dates to plan and priorities
  • Automatically records who completed the job and when as you tick them off


  • Record sprays, seed or fertiliser to be used
  • Calculates amount needed; just set the rate and select your fields
  • Automatically calculated totals user per field and farm for ordering, auditing and costings

Add more detail with comments, files and photos

  • Add information such as equipment to use, weather conditions or spray quality with comments
  • Add photos to show what the job is
  • Attach key files such as recommendation sheets from your agronomist

Works for all your farm work

  • Everything that needs to be done on your farm in one place
  • Just drop a pin or draw a shape for any jobs that need to be done
  • Can be used for livestock treatments, machinery maintenance, farm repairs or scouting reminders

To-do list

  • A personal to-do list for each member of your farm
  • Always up to date - you are notified as soon as a job is done and workers can go straight on to the next task
  • Spend less time calling to check progress

Field history

  • Completed field work goes in field history, a timeline of everything that has been done in a field
  • No need to search your records to find when a job was done
"We are three brothers that farm together. We live about 8 km away from each other. When we each do a job on the farm we login and update the app. This means that everyone is on the same page at the right moment. It is most important that everything is in the same place."Willie Liebenberg - Farmer, SA