Screenshot showing herds on maps on a mobile device

Set up livestock groups and monitor their location

  • Set up herds with animal type and count
  • Record where your animals are and see them on the map
  • Can be used for many different animals including sheep, cattle and horses

Record herd moves in a few taps

  • Keeping your farm up to date is a breeze, move livestock by selecting a new location on the map
  • Each herd has a history so you can look back and see who was grazed when
Animation showing herd movement
Screenshot of a field showing attached herd on a mobile device

Take control of your grazing

  • Automatically calculates field rest days to help estimate grazing availability
  • See a history of when fields were previously grazed and for how long
  • Easily check current grazing to see which herds need to be moved

(Coming soon)
Bring your grazing plan into the 21st century

  • No need for complex spreadsheets, your livestock moves are automatically recorded on our digital grazing plan
  • Manage your grass better with a visual overview of grazing and rest periods
Screenshot of chart of field grazing days
Screenshot of field grazing map

(Coming soon)
See at a glance which fields are ready to graze

  • Pasture rest map gives a simple, colour-coded system to see which of your fields have had long enough to rest

Record the information that is important to you

  • Use notes to record everything that happens on the farm, from livestock treatments to broken fences
  • Track work done to improve pasture productivity such as fertilizer applications with field jobs
  • Record hay and silage yields
Screenshot of a herd note on a mobile device