Willie Liebenberg - Farmer, SA

"The big problem I have faced is that after 4-5 years I go back to the office and all my year books are very busy, complicated or information may have been thrown away. That is why I really like using fieldmargin - being able to keep everything together and separated by year is really important."

Willie Liebenberg - Farmer, SA

Screenshot of inputs on a mobile device in fieldmargin

Track input use per field and cross-farm

  • Monitor input use by field to check you are within legal limits
  • Easily check which jobs an input was used on
  • Know the amount of product required for the season for streamlined ordering
  • Review what you applied to your fields by year for costings
  • Automatically records who completed the job and when as you tick them off

Record and compare yields

  • Record harvest yield with yield/ha and total per field
  • Automatically calculate farm total yield
  • Visualise yield data with graphs to help compare performance by field
  • Record yield data over the years
Screenshot of yield reporting in fieldmargin
Screenshot of field history on a mobile device in fieldmargin

A history of each of your fields

  • Easily look back through the work done on your fields to se what was done when

Download your reports

  • Generate a spreadsheet of your reports for:
    • Paper copies for inspections
    • Costings analysis
    • Gross margin calculation
    • Farm benchmarking
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