Photo of Adam Foden

"By making everything digital I can easily see how decisions turned out."

Adam Foden - Assistant Vineyard Manager, UK

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Leave the notebook at home

  • Quickly record issues spotted when field walking
  • Use your phone location to drop a pin or draw a shape
  • Walk around a problem area to note exactly where it was
  • Include photos
  • Good for recording weeds, pests, waterlogging, compaction, livestock movements or memos for yourself

Use comments to discuss

  • Struggling with a weed ID? Tag your team mates to get their opinion
  • Share with team mates, advisers or agronomists
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Record measurements

  • Set up monitoring sites to track data recorded for your farm
  • Use for rainfall measurement, tracking pest counts, plant counts, soil testing data or plate meter measurements
  • Find more ideas for using monitoring sites here

Use satellite imagery to streamline scouting

  • Use Field Health to spot problems such as disease or nutrient deficiencies earlier
  • Go straight to the issue when you're in the field
  • Understand how much of your field issues you sport are affecting
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