Keep track of what's happening on your farm, wherever you are.

fieldmargin is an easy to use visual record of your farm. Draw maps, make notes, leave messages for your team and more, with or without internet connection.

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Get started for free

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Your farm in your pocket

Map your farm quickly and easily

Just select ‘add new feature’ to start mapping your fields. Create your own feature types to map whatever is important to you.

Create located notes

Keep track of everything that happens in your farm, and where, by creating located notes. Add pictures, set a reminder, tag your colleagues. No more time spent explaining which part of the hedge needs cutting or searching for that note jotted on a delivery slip.

Comment on your notes

With fieldmargin you can discuss anything that happens on the farm with your colleagues. Has the fence been fixed yet? Leave a comment on a note and update the team with the good news!

Share your farm

Sharing your farm with your team is simple. Type their email and invite them to join so they can see information about the farm and collaborate with you.

Manage your farm offline

fieldmargin allows you to download your farm’s maps to use offline, and to add notes and features without a connection. So you can take your farm with you, anywhere and anytime.

“I think your concept is superb, my phone and a Labrador are often the only two things I have to have to hand at all times. Gone are the days of bits of paper.”

The Farming Forum 22nd March 2016

The Team

We believe that technology should make farming easier; not get in the way. Our objective is to make simple, beautiful tools that will help you make smarter decisions.

fieldmargin is a unique mapping tool, designed in collaboration with and for farmers. Developed over the course of 3 years with a team of agriculture and software experts, it allows you to improve the efficiency of your farm by having all your important information in one place.


Farmer, software developer and long distance swimmer. Mark’s the reason we’re here.


Our glorious leader, top athlete and funniest person in the office. Wrote his own bio.


Tom makes the servers go. And stop. And multiply. Also a drone stunt pilot.


Our farmer-in-residence; Camilla is an ex ad-land strategist who works with our customers to decide what to build next.


Android developer whose fingers are blurry even when he's not typing. Former performance artist and once ate a whole phone book.


Steve loves cats, boardgames and cider; he was recently transformed into a voodoo doll.


Claims to like football but supports Norwich City. Inhales tea and hates coffee. Left rural Norfolk to become a full stack developer.


Made autonomous, solar power planes in a former life; now an iOS developer. Briefly lived in Kyrgyzstan.


Raised by wolves in Bulgaria; Georgi fought his way through Siberia before learning Android development from a wild cat.


Photographer, musician, Japanese speaker, iOS developer, all self taught. Listed his Mario Kart skills on his CV.

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