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A farmer using field health monitoring in the fieldmargin app on a phone
A farmer using field health monitoring in the fieldmargin app on a phone

Monitor your fields remotely

Get regularly updated Satellite Imagery analysis with Field Health. Save time scouting by going straight to poor areas. Reduce crop loss by finding and treating problems earlier. See if management decisions are making a difference with 3 years of historic data.

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Effortlessly create high quality records

Take the stress out of audits and reviewing farm performance, farm reports tally inputs used for costings and inputs needed for faster ordering. Inputs used by field help check you are within legal limits. Field history lets you see what was done when.

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A screenshot of input cost reporting in the fieldmargin web app
A screenshot of field input reporting in the fieldmargin mobile app

Choose the best pricing plan for your farm

Per farm per month
Per farm per month

Trusted by thousands of farms in over 170 countries from smallholders to large contractors. Works offline and keeps your data safe

Photo of Rob Boole

“This is a really nice app – I’ve been waiting for something like this to come along for ages.”

Rob Boole - Contractor, UK

Photo of Drew and Michael Pfitzner

“Because we have all our maps and data in the same place we can turn our records into useful information.”

Drew & Michael Pfitzner - Arable Farmers, Australia

Photo of Daniel Jacobs

“I have really enjoyed using the app and find it much easier to use than other software I have tried previously.”

Daniel Jacobs - Crop Farmer, South Africa

Photos of vegetables from the farm of Wayne Adams

“It’s great for the emerging farmers and smallholders who cannot afford expensive tech. This is the app I have been looking for!”

Wayne Adams - Smallholder Farmer, South Africa

Works with:

  • John Deere Operations Center
  • Rural Payments Agency
  • Natural England
  • Drone Deploy

Used by our farmers for records:

  • Red Tractor
  • Global G.A.P
  • Soil Association
  • OF & G Organic