“Producing quality pineapples with good yields is down to attention to detail, a strong team and making the most of all the tools available to you. I have really enjoyed using fieldmargin so far and I think it is the future.”


An animation showing sub-fields set up in the fieldmargin web app


Divide your fields into smaller areas for different varieties, planting blocks or beds

  1. Set field usages per block for a visual plan of your planting
  2. Plan rotations with cropping plans for each year

Plan you work

Set up field work at your desk or on the go. Allocate work to your team which they can tick off as it is done. Automatically updates your reports when work is completed.

  1. Set up jobs such as spraying, fertilising and harvesting
  2. Add fields to your job, select from the list of your fields
  3. Record inputs to be used such as sprays. Just add the rate and the total required for the job will be calculated
Screenshots of the fieldmargin mobile app showing a job for Spraying treatment of Apple trees with lime sulfur and water
Screenshot of the fieldmargin mobile app showing a task to check if apples are right attached to an Apple Trees field

Add located tasks

Add tasks for additional jobs as points, lines or areas.

  1. Add what needs to be done as a title and say where it needs to be done using your phone location or drawing on the map
  2. Set a due date to get a reminder for the task
  3. You or your team can add information and updates with photos and comments

Share with all your team

Collaborate better and save time by adding your team to your farm. So you can share maps, assign work, discuss issues and see progress.

  1. Make it easier for your workers to navigate the farm with a map on their phone
  2. Team members can share their location on the map
  3. Improves health and safety for lone workers and helps keep track of progress of work
Screenshot of the fieldmargin mobile app locations of team members on the farm map
A screenshot of drone imagery overlaid on satellite imagery in the fieldmargin app

Drone imagery

Upload drone imagery to your farm to get a more detailed view of your crops and identify problem areas.

  • We integrate with Drone Deploy, so you can quickly add your flight maps to share with your team, annotate and view on the go
  • Click here to learn more


Team members can easily record harvest yields on the go - no need to wait until you get to the office

  1. Set a harvesting job to record your fields in the field as they happen
  2. You can set up your own outputs to measure in weight or as a count (e.g. for boxes)
  3. Compare total yield per field and crop as a table or chart with yield reporting
A screenshot of the fieldmargin mobile app showing a completed Apple picking job with the yield set against each field
A screenshot of the input cost reporting in the fieldmargin web app

Costings and reporting

Take the stress out of audits and reviewing farm performance with reports for crop area, inputs, yield and costs.

  • Keep track of your field or plot inputs costs during the season with breakdowns of spend per field, farm and by input type
  • Automatically generate Gross Margin reports by adding your sale prices
  • Export any report or all your field jobs as a CSV for further analysis

Works with:

  • John Deere Operations Center
  • Rural Payments Agency
  • Natural England
  • Drone Deploy

Used by our farmers for records:

  • Red Tractor
  • Global G.A.P
  • Soil Association
  • OF & G Organic