Photo of Rob Boole

"The amount of fields we deal with is massive, we were working with over 10 ring binders of paper maps. It has been great to digitise them. It means that the whole team can access them on their tablet in the cabs."

Rob Boole - Contractor, UK

A farmer creating a field in fieldmargin using a mobile phone
A farmer creating a field in fieldmargin using a mobile phone

Quick and easy farm mapping

Map your farm in just 30 minutes. (UK only) Import RPA field boundaries. Import boundaries stored on your computer or from John Deere with the MyJohnDeere integration. Add more detail with features like fences, gateways, buildings and water pipes. Automatically records length and area measurements

Share with your team

Give access to farm workers, agronomists, advisers or contractors. Access on smartphone, iPad or computer. Save time spent explaining where jobs are. Help your team navigate and avoid hazards.

Image of farm team walking in a field
Image of farm team walking in a field
Screenshot of planning rotations in fieldmargin

Plan rotations

Record crops or livestock that you have in your fields, make cropping plans in minutes. Refer to past cropping to ensure your rotations are right. Plan farm cropping several years into the future.

Divide your fields

Split your fields into sub-fields for stewardship areas, grazing cells, different varieties, planting blocks or uncropped areas.

  1. Divide your field by slicing, drawing shapes or adding a margin of a given width.
  2. Get more accurate areas for your cropping and grazing plans.
  3. Set field usages, grazing and field jobs per sub-field for more detailed records.
An animation showing sub-fields set up in the fieldmargin web app
Aerial view of farm land
Aerial view of farm land

All your farm map information in one place

Upload scanned maps or PDFs so all key data is safe in one place. Give old maps like drainage maps a new lease of life. Overlay drone imagery using our Drone Deploy integration. Upload yield maps. Add regularly updated NDVI analysis with Field Health.

Works with:

  • John Deere Operations Center
  • Rural Payments Agency
  • Natural England
  • Drone Deploy

Used by our farmers for records:

  • Red Tractor
  • Global G.A.P
  • Soil Association
  • OF & G Organic